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BCPVPA elections for President-elect & four Directors

Nominations are closed.
Candidates speak at Chapter Council on Saturday, May 23
Watch for candidate statements in eNews, May 29


  • Susan Clough, Surrey
  • David DeRosa, Kootenay-Columbia 
  • Bryan Johnson, Sooke
  • Brian Leonard, Coquitlam
  • Kevin Reimer, Comox Valley 


  • Sandy Balascak, Fraser-Cascade
  • Laurie Birnie, Coquitlam
  • Juanita Coltman, Sea to Sky
  • Steve DallaLana, Prince George
  • Darren Danyluk, Rocky Mountain 
  • Raj Puri, Surrey
  • Faizel Rawji, Surrey            

BCPVPA members will elect a President-Elect and four Directors in June, effective July 1. The newly-elected members will join existing members of the Board who are completing their terms. The elections will take place with the following timeline:

  • Nominations close May 15 at 5 pm.
  • Candidates will speak at the May 23 Chapter Council.
  • A special election issue of eNews, with candidate statements, will be published on May 29.
  • The election for President-elect will take place June 9 to 11.
  • Election results will be announced in eNews on June 12.
  • To be successful, a candidate for President-elect must receive 50% of the votes cast plus one. If necessary, run-off elections will be held in subsequent weeks.
  • Due to the possibility of multiple ballots to select the President-elect a new timeline for the election has been established, with the first ballot set for June 10 to 12 (download the timeline).
  • The President-elect begins a one-year term on July 1, followed by a two-year term as President and a one-year term as Past President (July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2019)
  • Directors begin their two-year terms on July 1.
  • The Directors whose terms end on June 30 are Susan Clough (Surrey), Darren Danyluk (Rocky Mountain), David DeRosa (Kootenay-Columbia), John Horstead (Surrey), and Kevin Reimer (Comox Valley).

If you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of Directors, email Gordon Li. If you have questions about the timeline/process, email Richard Williams.

Remaining Chapter Council dates for 2014-2015

  • May 22-23 (BCPVPA Partnership Awards are presented May 22)

Short Course: Lenses of Leadership

July 6-10 at UBC

Click to register (takes you to a secure third party site)

Plans for the 38th annual Short Course are well underway. Short Course 2015 will take place on the UBC campus, July 6 – 10. Developed in partnership with UBC, Short Course is an intensive, one-week (44 scheduled contact hours) program designed to provide new school leaders with an opportunity to hone the skills necessary for success in their new roles. The course work contains a blend of research and practical application that creates an essential understanding of what principals and vice-principals need to know and how to accomplish it. Participants are immersed in the realities of school administration and given the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in their new roles. The program is based on the Leadership Standards for Principals & Vice-Principals in British Columbia. Each day of the program focuses on one of the four Domains of the Standards (Moral Stewardship, Relational Leadership, Instructional Leadership, and Organizational Leadership). The concluding session evolves around our BC education partners.

The Leadership Standards for

Principals and Vice-Principals in British Columbia

Click to download your copy.

Click to download the Self-Assessment document as a Word document.

Click to download the Self-Assessment document as a fillable PDF.

The Leadership Standards for Principals and Vice-Principals in BC (revised 2013)  is now available for download and use. Four core domains — “Moral Stewardship,” “Instructional Leadership,” “Relational Leadership,” and “Organizational Leadership” —  have been expanded with nine individual standards: values, vision and mission; ethical decision-making; supervision for learning; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; intrapersonal relationships; interpersonal relationships; learning culture; management and administration; and community building. This document is not intended to be prescriptive in nature, but rather to be used to support the individual principal or vice-principal in reflecting on his or her learning needs. The purpose of the document is to foster continuous professional learning in working towards effective leadership; therefore, it is not intended as an instrument for evaluation or the judgment of the individual performance of principals and vice-principals by districts.
First published in 2007, The Leadership Standards for Principals and Vice-Principals in BC has become the document for professional growth in British Columbia.

Throughout the past year, The Standards were reviewed and revised by the following members of the 2013 Leadership Standards Committee: Jessica Antosz, Qualicum, Chair; Elizabeth Bell, North Vancouver; Daniel Blais, CSF; Don Boyd, Qualicum; Edward (Woody) Bradford, Abbotsford; Tim Davie, Nanaimo-Ladysmith; Gaila Erickson, BCPVPA; Carol-Ann Leidloff, Kootenay Lake; Caroline Picard, CSF; and Anne Smith, Prince George.

• We thank the Ministry of Education for financial support and our educational partners
and members of the profession for their thoughtful feedback.

BCPVPA Mental Health Symposium

Our thanks to the participants in the BCPVPA/BC School Centred Mental Health Coalition Mental Health Symposium.

Below are some of the resources from the conference (others will be added as they become available).

  • Full session descriptions and presenter bios here.
  • Canadian Self-Regulation Initiative (CSRI) Powerpoint
  • CSRI Creating a Self-Regulated Learning Environment PDF
  • Fundamentals of Fostering Resiliency & Promoting Mental Health (A PDF of a PowerPoint)
  • DASH’s School Connectedness Capacity Building (A PDF of a PowerPoint)

Please keep us in the loop

  • Who, what & where: If you moved, changed schools or positions or if you have information to update our database, please click to email this information to Membership Services. 

BCPVPA videos on YouTube

Watch our videos on YouTube

The BCPVPA has posted numerous videos to YouTube and they include:

Professional learning videos feature

  1. A Focus on Full-day Kindergarten
  2. The Connection between Early Learning and School Success
  3. The Role of Play in Full-day Kindergarten
  4. Five Characteristics of a Successful Full-day Kindergarten
  5. Key concepts in teaching and learning (estimation strategies for calculation and problem solving, number strand, grade 4/5);
  6. Janet Mort on early learning; and
  7. The kindergartern learning project showing how teachers use assement criteria to better understand each learner and to plan lessons based on assessment data.

Aboriginal education videos feature

  1. Gayle Bedard and Colleen Hannah on Building Bridges with Aboriginal Communities; and
  2. Willie Pierre offering a Coast Salish Traditional Opening.

Other videos include:

  1. Interviews with BCPVPA members;
  2. The Leadership Standards Forum, and,
  3. Coaching.

All the videos are available for viewing here.

Spirals of Inquiry: For Equity and Quality


Seventh Printing Almost Sold Out

Spirals of Inquiry, by Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser in association with the BCPVPA, is a handbook organized to provide you with specific inquiry tools, research evidence and examples from practice in BC schools. You will read arguments for the importance of considering and combining wise, strong and new approaches to inquiry and learning. You will be introduced to a set of questions that can shift thinking and practice. You will explore the key stages in the spiral of inquiry and you will consider ways to incorporate current knowledge into your designs for professional learning. We hope you will feel better equipped to create the kinds of inquiry learning communities required to get the outcomes for young people that we both want and need.

The book is priced at $20 per copy (including taxes). The shipping fee will be added (mailed or sent by courier, depending on quantity ordered). We invoice on shipment. To order the book email Jennifer and include: 1) the number of copies required; 2) the shipping address; 3) who to invoice.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network Provincial Fund, with those funds to be distributed to support inquiry-based learning initiatives.

BCPVPA Benefits Plan

The British Columbia Principals' & Vice-Principals' Association (BCPVPA) offers a comprehensive benefits package to participating eligible employees. For information about the benefits provided by this plan click to visit an external website, which is operated by Morneau Shepell.


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